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Black Angus Prime Rib

Cajun grilled strips of Angus prime rib.
Half $11.99
Full $15.99

Garlic Bread

Steaks aside, this is the best thing we do and don't be afraid to skip the marinara and go with beef au jus for dipping.
Half $7.99
Full $11.99

$8.99Candied Burnt Ends*

Tender candy seared pork butt drizzled with sweet bbq.

$12.99Sand Hills Sack Lunch

Crispy fried mountain oysters, a delicacy.

$8.99Dakota Cheese Fries*

Beer battered fries, pecanwood smoked bacon, cheese & fresh pico.

$11.99Steakhouse Nachos*

Fresh fried chips, cheese, homemade pico.
Choose: cajun prime rib, brisket, OR fire braised chicken.

$9.99Prairie Chicken Wings*

8 classic bone-in wings.
Choose: mango habanero, sweet bbq, honey garlic, bourbon molasses OR buffalo jack.

Entree Salads

Crisp, Delicious Greens

House Ranch - Traditional Ranch - Bleu Cheese - Thousand Island
Dorothy Lynch - Honey Mustard - Italian - Toasted Sesame - Cilantro Vinaigrette

$9.99Pub Club*

Fresh lettuce tossed with shredded chedddarjack, bell pepper, pecanwood smoked bacon, & beer battered onions.
Choose: crispy fried chicken OR bbq pork burnt ends.

$10.99Spring Chicken*

Crispy greens, fruit, nuts & pineapple pico with fire braised chicken.

$12.99Tequila Lime Shrimp and Chips*

Fresh lettuce, pineapple pico de gallo, shredded pepperjack, a grilled shrimp skewer and fresh fried tortilla chips.

$11.99Red Angus Philadelphia*

Mixed greens, red onion, bell pepper & shredded pepperjack with seared steak tips.

$12.99Cajun Brangus Grill*

Fresh greens with tomato, red onion, shredded pepperjack cheese and Cajun prime rib strips.

$11.99Country Cobb*

Fresh out of the country kitchen with cheddarjack, red onion, bacon, tomato, and egg.
Choose: chicken fried steak OR fire braised chicken breast.

Homemade Dinners

All Homemade Dinners Served with a Garden Salad & Your Choice of One Side:
Baked Potato - Classic Cut Fries - Steak Fries - Mashed Potatoes - Long Grain & Wild Rice - Steamed Vegetables

$15.99Chicken Fried Steak*

Our hand-breaded chicken fried steak is the lovable outlaw among the beef entrees, fried golden with country gravy.

$15.99Black Jack Steak Tips*

Angus steak tips in a zinfandel gravy over rice, topped with shredded pepperjack.

$13.99Sand Hills Fish Fry*

Flaky white fish, hand breaded and deep-fried to a crunchy golden brown.

$18.99Grilled Salmon*

Fresh salmon topped with pineapple pico de gallo.

$11.99Chicken Strips

Breaded chicken breast strips deep fried.

$11.99Fiesta Lime Chicken*

2 fire braised chicken breasts served over a grilled tortilla with shredded pepperjack & fresh pico.

$16.99Corner Market BBQ Brisket*

Limited Quantity! Smoked and then slow cooked daily underneath our prime rib. Brushed with Bob's Sweet BBQ.

Peppermill Steaks

All Peppermill Steaks are Served with a Garden Salad and Your Choice of One Side:
Baked Potato - Classic Cut Fries - Steak Fries - Mashed Potatoes - Long Grain & Wild Rice - Steamed Vegetables

Add Ons: Sauteed Mushrooms, Fried Onion Straws, OR Grilled Onions $1.99

The Mulligan*

Our signature center cut sirloin, named after my great grandfather John Mulligan is aged 7-10 weeks and has been a local favorite for over 30 years.
10 oz. $17.99
16 oz. $23.99

$14.99Smothered Chopped Sirloin*

A 12 oz. char-grilled chopped sirloin patty topped with grilled onions, sautéed mushrooms & shredded jack cheese.

$32.99Sand Hills Finest*

A half pound of the Heart City Strip topped with two of our colossal fried prawns. This is the best land and sea pairing you'll find here on the North coast!

20/83 Junction Rib Eye*

Our premium Angus Ribeye is at the crossroads of tenderness and flavor. One end of the ribeye is especially tender & marbled while the other end is more lean and firm. Ask around if you aren't familiar with the Sandhiller's favorite cut.
14 oz. $26.99
18 oz. $29.99

EK Valentine Filet*

Beef's premier cut in the pinnacle of tenderness.
8 oz. $22.99
12 oz. $26.99
Wrapped in pecanwood bacon +$1.99

Peppermill Prime Rib*

Without guilt we call this the finest choice prime rib in the Beef State. We strongly encourage everybody to enjoy our prime rib medium rare. If you like it more than that please consider the Joseph Grilled Prime Rib entrée.
10 oz. $22.99
16 oz. $28.99
24 oz. $34.99
Please ask your server about LARGER cuts!

Joseph Grilled Prime Rib*

A family favorite for decades; enjoy slow-roasted prime rib that is briefly tossed on the open flame. Although we strongly discourage the practice, this is the optimal choice for those who go beyond the medium mark!
10 oz. $22.99
16 oz. $28.99
24 oz. $34.99

Heart City Strip*

My father, a cattleman since his days riding pastures with Grandpa Mulligan, absolutely loves this cut. The strip loin is aged 6-10 weeks & is the most consistent cut available.
8 oz. $19.99
12 oz. $24.99
18 oz. $28.99

Signature Sandwiches

Served with Your Choice of Classic Cut Fries or a Garden Salad.

Smoke Stack*

Smoked and tender with Bob's sweet BBQ and shredded jack on toasted bread.
BBQ Brisket $14.99
Fire Braised Chicken Breasts $11.99

Pepper Jack Ranch*

Topped with pecanwood bacon, pepperjack & house ranch.
6 oz. Burger $9.99
Fire Braised Chicken Breasts $11.99

$11.99Minnechaduza 2.0*

Thin-sliced eye of round roast, seared red onion & bistro sauce on a toasted hoagie.

$11.99Prairie Chicken Philadelphia*

Shredded chicken, onions, peppers, shrooms, pepperjack & house ranch on a toasted hoagie.

Cherry County Classic*

The classic American sandwich on a toasted bun.
6oz. Burger $8.99
Fire Braised Chicken Breasts $11.99

Local Favorites

Served with Your Choice of Classic Cut Fries or a Garden Salad.

$16.99Roger Style Prime Rib*

Thin sliced prime rib & real Swiss on a toasted hoagie.

$15.99Joseph Angus 4.0*

Voted Nebraska's Best Burger! Our 10oz burger with brisket, jalapeno bacon, beer battered onion straws, pepperjack & house ranch on a toasted hoagie.

$14.99Not Your Momma's Patty Melt*

10 oz. and char-grilled with homemade mac & jack, Swiss, Cheddar, and fried onions on toasted pumpernickel rye.
Available after 4:00pm

$16.99Philabraska 2.0*

8 oz. prime rib char-grilled with onions, peppers, mushrooms, pepperjack & house ranch on a toasted hoagie.

$11.99BBQ Chicken Melt*

Fire braised chicken in bourbon molasses bbq, shredded jack & fried onion straws on a toasted pretzel.

$15.99Prime Rib Haybuster*

Thin sliced prime rib topped with Swiss cheese, beer battered onions and house ranch on a toasted pretzel.

Mack Skillet*

A homemade cavatappi & cheese with a specialty seared protein.
Ask server about the current protein & price.
(Market Price)