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Our Menu


"There’s nothing more American than grabbing something good to eat before you order something good to eat. Go big, you big hairy Patriot!"

Garlic Bread

Steaks aside, this is the best thing we do.
Half 9.99 | Full 13.99

Sand Hills Sack Lunch$13.99

Crispy fried mountain oysters, our “see” food

Candied Burnt Ends$12.99

Pig, que, and beer battered onions. Choose sweet or spicy

1Up Mushroom Fries$9.99

Deep fried portabella mushrooms & Nebraska craft beer cheese that will give you a new life

Prairie Chicken Wings$9.99

Actually from regular chicken so don’t grouse. Choose your BBQ sweet or spicy

Black Angus Prime Rib Strips

Rioting in the streets would occur if these fell off the new menu

Entree Salads

"There are some incredible choices here to make your salad taste less like lettuce........"

House Ranch - Traditional Ranch - Bleu Cheese - Thousand Island
Dorothy Lynch - Honey Mustard - Italian - Toasted Sesame - Cilantro Vinaigrette

Greco Roman Chicken$10.99

Romaine & arcadian mixed greens, pulled chicken, parmesan, cucumber, tzatziki & crouton danger

Cajun Brangus$12.99

Fresh greens with tomato, red onion, pepperjack & Cajun prime rib strips

Porto Prime$13.99

Mixed greens, roma tomato, red onion, peppered rib eye steak, fried portabella mushrooms & bleu cheese crumbles

Maine Course$14.99

Fresh lettuce & arcadian spring mix with chilled lobster salad & Roma tomato more crouton danger

Homemade Dinners

"Steak and chicken and fish all live in this section. It’s a delicious mess. Served with side & salad.…"

Baked Potato - Classic Cut Fries - Steak Fries - Mashed Potatoes - Long Grain & Wild Rice - Steamed Vegetables

Turf & Turf$23.99

8oz center cut sirloin & bourbon smoked brisket

Chicken Fried Chicken$13.99

Chicken, treated like chicken, a little ashamed

Chicken Fried Steak$15.99

Steak, treated like a chicken, but not ashamed

Tiger Shrimp$27.99

No tigers were harmed in the making of this entrée. The shrimp, however, are fried

Lil's Que$22.99

Bourbon smoked brisket, with either Carolina BBQ chicken or hot honey charred pork shoulder

Sand Hills Fried Fish$14.99

Hand-breaded and deep fried white fish

Corner Market Brisket$16.99

Smoked & then cooked slowly, underneath our prime rib until it’s well behaved
Served after 4pm

Peppermill Steaks

"Aging steak properly and not cutting your selection until it is ordered is a bit of an obsession. Everything below is best around medium rare so if you venture beyond the medium go out into that cold darkness by yourself. Kidding of course. If you like a well done steak we humbly suggest the Joseph Grilled Prime Rib. Served with side & garden salad"

Sides Baked Potato (after 4pm) - Fries - Mashed Potatoes - Long Grain & Wild Rice - Mixed and sometimes not mixed Vegetables

Steak Add Ons:
Sauteed Mushrooms, Grilled or Beer Battered Onions 1.99
Fried Portobella Mushrooms 3.99
Egg & Lobster 6.99

Heart City Strip

My father’s favorite cut
8oz 19.99 | 16oz 27.99

20/83 Junction Rib Eye$28.99

The crossroads of tenderness & flavor & we will cut this one bigger if you dare 16oz

EK Valentine Filet$24.99

Beef’s premier cut, aged to perfection 9oz

William's Prime Rib

Without guilt we call this the finest prime rib in Greater Nebraska, which is the greatest part of Nebraska. Served after 4pm
12oz 24.99 | 16oz 29.99

Joseph Grilled Prime Rib

A family favorite, slow roasted and then tossed on the open flame
16 oz 29.99 | 32 oz 42.99

The Mulligan Sirloin$16.99

Aged center cut sirloin 8oz

Signature Sandwiches

"We are squeezing some delightful things between bread. Have the bread. Served with fries or a garden salad"

This Is Burger$9.99

The classic America hamburger

Midwest Coast Lobster Roll$16.99

Chilled lobster, pinot grigio, house made orange mayo, cucumber, green onion, fresh pico & toasted hoagie. LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Smoke Stack$14.99

Smoked, tender and lovably messy brisket with Bob’s sweet BBQ, pepper jack & toasted hoagie

Yard Bird$13.99

Braised chicken thighs, jalapeño bacon, cheddar, pepper jack, stingin’ BBQ ranch & grilled pretzel

Swiss Fun Guy Burger$10.99

This is the best Swiss & shroom on the block and there won’t be cabbage anywhere near it

Bull Market Burger$12.99

Corn cob smoked bacon, pit ham, Nebraska beer cheese, battered onion & pepper

Local Favorites

Served after 4pm

Sand Hills Gyro$15.99

Thin shaved prime rib, lettuce, roma tomato, red & green onion, cucumber, & tzatziki on grilled naan

Joseph Angus 5.0$15.99

Voted Nebraska’s Best Burger! A 10oz burger with brisket, jalapeño bacon, craft beer battered, but never beaten onions, pepperjack & orange ranch on a toasted hoagie

Leni's Short Rib Plate$16.99

Tender short ribs topped with a zinfandel gravy & green onion. Served with real mashed potatoes

Return Of The Mack$14.99

A homemade cavatappi & cheese with a specialty protein 14.99 or so

St. Christopher's French Dip$16.99

Thin sliced, seared prime rib, beer battered onion & pepper, cream cheese, melted colby & grilled pretzel

Roger Style Prime Rib$16.99

Dad used to race in from the hayfield and haphazardly construct a prime rib hoagie. We promise no gear oil or alfalfa on this version. Prime rib & Swiss on a hoagie is the area’s most popular Angus creation